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Fuji XT3

Prime lenses (preferred): 56 1.4, 35 1.4, 16 2.8

Zoom lenses: 18-55, 100-250

Professional film stand tripod on wheels. Can extend from 0.5m to a HUGE 3m high for areal shots. Cross bar, boom, laptop table.

DEL XPS Laptop

Apature 300d MK11 LED

Apature 120

Godox LED panel

Octobox, 2 x softboxes with/without grids, barndoors, fresnel, honeycomb, LEE filters.


Sunbounce Pro Zebra & Silver

Separate large screen for “Facetime” makes it easier for interaction

Dedicated Rode audio system for easier comminucarion

Separate pro web cam with full view of room


Lightroom Classic with Fuji Plugin for Tethered shooting.

Anydesk or Remote Desktop for screen sharing to a Mac

Quick Assist, Teamviewer or Anydesk for screen sharing to Windows

WeTransfer Pro for sending the zip folder containing the RAW files after the shoot – please note a dedicated unzip program may be required as the file sizes are VERY large.

If you have an older Mac machine, your hard drive partition may be configured to exFAT. This means you may only be able to recieve file downloads of 4GB. IF you have exFAT, please let me know and I will split the files into smaller chunks for download.

Communication element can be over Facebook chat, Skype or Zoom. I use a separate machine and screen to this to the machine that you use to control the camera.

Indoor shoots run from VERY high speed internet connection (500MB down, 50MB up) and outdoor shoots from a 5G hotspot.

If you want a specific piece of lighting gear talk to me beforehand and it can be rented.


Backdrops on pulley system – see “locations” tab for full info.

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