Remote Shoots – The Story

The “Covid19 Crisis” changed so much for so many. One of the many changes was the inability for many people to meet up for photo shoots. For six weeks I did nothing, only walking in the park and sifting through my wardrobe looking for clothes to clear out.

Then I was contacted by a photographer, Martin Higgs, who introduced me to the concept of remote shoots. I already had a good camera and some lenses. I bought a backdrop online and figured out the software and camera setting needed to have a remote shoot with Martin.

I was absolutely awestruck by the results. They were so professional looking and the images were even published in Professional Photo Magazine (tearsheet below). I quickly realised that this was the way forward. Not just for Covid 19 times but for so many other applications.

When you book a remote tethered photo shoot with me, you are paying for my model time but also for access to my full professional studio which is equipped for really beautiful soft daylight but also has light modifiers and backdrops. We will talk together online before the shoot about what you want to shoot and i will prepare the studio how you like and will have prepared styling of your choosing. That clothing will be ready on a rail in the studio. We will then shoot, just like a normal photoshoot only you will use remote software to take the exposure and after the shoot I send you the RAW images by Wetransfer Pro and you will own the copyright on those images.

During the shoot you will be on a large screen via webcam so we can communicate easily, so you will see the room both via webcam as well as via the camera view. If you want an assistant that can also be arranged.

As well as offering shoots in my daylight studio, I am also equipped to do remote shoots on location via 5G tethering. Close bye locations include a beach, sand dunes, city monuments and Dutch windmills. For these shoots I always need to bring an assistant for which I do need to charge separately for.

Once or twice per month I will also have a model at my place who can be booked for a remote shoot, with me as an assistant. We can also do duo shoots and go on location. So there are many, many possibilities….

I am also available for shoots for reference material for artists, photoshop artists and for people who want to practice their model direction.

Scroll down to see a recording from a live feed remote shoot.

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